It’s time to invite your
Mainland friend to Tasmania
and bring them back to Earth.

Congratulations to our Tasmanian winners!
Mainlanders, your competition
closes on the 3rd of August.

What is a Mainlander?

Mainlanders, as their name suggests, live on mainland Australia – just to the north of Tasmania.
Living on the Mainland has its perks but it’s easy to get caught up in the scene,
and sometimes Mainlanders just need saving from their ‘Mainlanderness’.
Here are five Mainlander types who we believe would love what Tasmania can offer them…

The Try-hard Extremist

Try-hard Extremists love the concept of extreme sports. It’s important to these adrenalin-junkies that they own and wear all the latest gear that goes with hard-core pursuits. They’re drawn to hyped-up activities and are constantly on the lookout for a challenge. They can be found surfing, skating, or clambering to the top of a waterfall.

And here's how to save them

Try-hard Extremist Rescue

Try-hard Extremists need to try some truly hardcore experiences like the awe-inspiring waves of Shipsterns Bluff, the five-day multi-sport Swisse Mark Webber Challenge or the Three Peaks Race (sailing and mountain-running). Experience Tasmanian offshore adventures, World-Heritage wilderness, big surf, white waters and other nail-biting adventures.

Prize Pack To Be Won

Experience VertigoMTB (mountain-biking tours) – get off the beaten track in Tassie’s Blue Tier and North East, and challenge yourself to some of the most extreme tracks in Australia.

Stay at Hotel Charles (Innkeepers) – bed down in a converted hospital; the 4-star accommodation offers an intriguing quirk-meets-comfort factor.

Fly return with Virgin Australia and enjoy 3 day car hire courtesy of Red Spot.

More Great Rescue Ideas

Congratulations to the
Tasmanian prize winners!

And thanks to everyone who took part…

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